Thursday August 8th



Today is a structural recovery day on the posterior chain . The emphasis will be on the glutes and hamstrings. No heavy weight today apart from on the bridges potentially


With a partner Row 2000 in 250m Intervals. Focus on Deadlift position of the row.

3 x ( 4+4 Single Leg DB Deadlift + 10 x Cossack Squat + 10/10 Banded Russian Twists)


Deadlift (Conventional)

3 x 20 @ 30% . Rest 2 Mins. Hamstring focus. These should feel light and your positioning should be floorless throughout. Advanced athletes with good mobility can perform these off a 4 in platform . Please not this is far from a 20 max effort Deadlift - light and structural is the goal - but your hamstrings should be “lit” as the Instagram models say…


5 Rounds NFT. No rest . This should be a flowing circuit and you shouldn’t be “red-lining” anywhere.

5+5 Single Leg off Box Squat / 8 x Barbell Glute Bridge / 10 x Strict T2B or Strict Hanging Raise/ 45 Second Fan Bike 75% Effort.




20 Plank Slides

10 Froggers

20 DB Lunges


5 Rounds I go you go with a partner

10 Alt DB Snatch

20 Double KB Dead Lift


3 Rounds 1min on Max Effort :30 rest between movements 1min rest after a completed round.

Max KB Swings

Max Burpee Box Jump overs

Max OH Lunges

Max Run

MAX Devils Press


Purpose: It’s deadlift day, but today we’re less interested in going big on the weights and more interested in how well we can move moderate weights under stress. Here, we’ll practice being both strong and gritty.

A. Activation
1 Minute of Glute Bridges, then
20 Calorie Row
15 Medicine Ball Deadlifts
10 Medicine Ball Strict Presses
5 Walkouts

1 Minute of Single Leg Glute Bridges (30sec/leg), then
20 Calorie Row
15 Medicine Ball Front Squats
10 Medicine Ball Push Press
5 Walkouts

1 Minute of Banded Good Mornings

B. DEADLIFT 6 - 4 - 2
Taking no more than 12 minutes, find:
Heavy Set of 6
Heavy Set of 4
Heavy Set of 2

C. "Optimus Prime”
Wallballs (20/14)
*After the first minute, Every Minute On the Minute: 5 Deadlifts (225/155)*

Alternating on the minute x 10 (5 rounds):
Minute 1: 50’ Sled Push
Minute 2: 30 sec Max Calorie Row


Final Week of 5-3-2 w/ a 10s intraset pause. Technically, We are building up to a set of 10, but breaking it up into 3 mini sets with a 10s pause. Last week we built up to a moderately heavy set of 10 and for the next three weeks, the goal here is to get used to heavier weights and break through the plateau of what you think you're capable of.

1 min Glutes Foam Roll each side
1 min Upper Back Foam Roll

2 Rounds
5/5 Tempo Step Ups
10 4 Direction Monster Walk
10 Banded Lat Pull Down with 3s Hold
45s Jump Rope

STRENGTH 5-3-2 w/ a 10s intraset pause
Back Rack Reverse Lunges
Chin Ups (banded or modified)

20-15-10-5 Burpees
20 Jump Rope in between

Emylee Covell