Monday August 12th



We are now embarking on a new 3 month cycle. We will start with a Hi Rep- Low Weight Strength Endurance protocol , utilising the 5 x 20 Method on Squat and Bench Day and the 6/12 /24 Method on Deadlift and Shoulder Day. Once complete we will move on to a cycle of Tempo Training for Functional Hypertrophy and Finish with A Strength Cycle in the third month. Once the third month is completed we will retest our One Rep Maxes and see just how far we have come having completed all three cycles. The overall curve is volume to strength but you will experience a good deal of both throughout resulting in strong, athletic, functional physiques.


Lower Body Mobility

10 Cal Bike + 10 x HamString Slider +50 Ft Walking Lunge. 3 Rounds


5 x 20 Back Squat. 2 Min Rest. 30% 1RM (be Conservative)


10 x DB RDL + 20 x Barbell Floor Wiper + 30 Sec All Out on Bike .Rest as needed. 3 Rounds



TRAIN will start to focus on transitioning to slightly heavier weights. The focus with your movement should still be quality even though you are moving faster in a conditioning biased class. Each week keep note of weight you used and try to slightly increase or match that weight each week following.


10 Samson lunges

20 cow grazers

10 Inchworm to spiderman

10 Happy stars

Hold :30 Quad and Pigeon while coach breaks down strength and conditioning


4 Rounds

5 1 1/4 Double KB Squat + 10 Farmers reverse lunge + 10 Weighted Step ups

1 Min rest


E3MOM x 36 (4 Rounds Total)

  1. 1 Minute RIDE + 30/20 air squats + 15/10 Box Jumps

  2. 20/12 Cal SKI + 20/12 Windshield Wipers + 10 Candlestick get ups/10 Wall ball situps

  3. 20/12 Cal Row + 15/10 burpees over the rower + 10 Heavy KB Clusters


PURPOSE: Today we’ll work snatch technique on the barbell and snatch efficiency with the dumbbell.


60 seconds of Cossack Squats, Plate front raise to overhead

40 seconds of Active Samson + Air squat, plate hops

30 seconds of Slow Air Squats, Plate Counterbalance Squats

20 seconds of Squat hold, burpee to plate

Stamina Squatting — Alternating EMOM12

ODD: 2 Front Squat

EVEN: 4 Back Squat

Barbell at 75% of 3 Rep Max Back Squat for both lifts (up 3% from last week)


Power Snatch Technique, every 1:30min X 7

1 Pausing Power Snatch

1 Pausing Low-hang Power Snatch


“Hit and Run”

3 Rounds for Time

400 meter Run

12 Dumbbell Power Snatch (70/50)

21 Single Dumbbell Squat (70/50)*

*Db can be held in Goblet position, front rack or behind the neck


For the next 3 Weeks we are going to switch gears from our normal "Full Body" Launch strength program to a format similar to the rest of the programming at Pharos focusing on a single movement patterned emphasis in each session. Alternating an IWT + 6/12/24 Format
Monday - Squat / Flexion

PVC Pipe Warm Up (upper + lower)

3 Rounds
6/6 Tempo Step Ups on Bench
20 Switch Steps
10 Tempo Banded Squat

3 Rounds Rest 2 Min Between
8-12 Thrusters
90s Jump Rope

3 Rounds Rest 2 Min Between
8-12 Box Squat
90s Ski

Emylee Covell