Tuesday July 16th



New Cycle! During this cycle there will be multiple protocols working simultaneously. Two days will follow a 3/2/1 with 10 Sec Intra Set pause method for strength (One Upper and One Lower), Two days will follow a 5/10/15 Tri-Set Structure ( 5 is a power movement/ 10 is a medium weight metabolic lift/ 15 is strength endurance). Wednesday will be a Barbell Based IWT for Athletic Conditioning , Saturday will be an all Body Circuit and Sunday will of course be the one and only Eastside Arms Race


Upper Body Mobility .

3 x ( 8+8 Burt Reynolds/ 10 x DB Floor Press/ 10 x DB Pull Over)


Bench Press Vs Chains (Chains Optional) + Chin Ups (Weighted if Possible) . 3/2/1 with 10 Sec Intra-set Pause.

Work Up to 80 % 1 RM. Perform 3 reps. Rack the bar and take 10 sec Pause. Perform 2 reps , rack the bar and take 10 second intranet pause. Perform 1 rep. rest 2 Minutes. Repeat for 5 Sets total . Then Go Straight for Chin Ups. Partners can start on either movement .


15 Min EMOM

Min 1: 8 x Barbell High Pull

Min 2: 6 x DB incline 1 1/4 Press

Min 3: 45 Sec Max Effort Dips or Push UPs


PURPOSE: TRAIN will start to focus on transitioning to slightly heavier weights. The focus with your movement should still be quality even though you are moving faster in a conditioning biased class. Each week keep note of weight you used and try to slightly increase or match that weight each week following.


3 Rounds

8 Pushups on DB
10 1/2 Cuban Press

5 Batwing Holds


4 Rounds

6 T-Pushups (L+R = 2) + 5 Renegade Rows + 4 Devils Press + Bear crawl Ski Erg > Rowers > Ski Erg

Rest :90 Between Rounds or when partner is finished


Teams of 3

250 Calorie RIDE

Every 2 Mins Rotate through the following

1.10 Heavy DB BOR

2.25/17/10 Pushups

3. 30 Bicycle situps

With bigger teams up there calories to 300


2 Mins Bike Warm Up + Upper Flow

Warm UP x 2

1. 50 Backward Single Unders

2. 10 Yoga Push Up

3. 20sec Reverse Plank Bridge

A. Muscle Up x 1 to 4 - EMOM x 8mins (or variation)

4 Sets

B1. Bench Press; 3 reps; rest 30 sec (increase load each set)

B2. Feet Elevated Ring Row (wtd if possible) x 5 reps; rest 90 sec

C. Complete the following:

3 rounds NFT (15MIN Cap)

50 Ft DB Bear Crawl (5 Push Ups Every 10 Feet)

20 Incline DB Bench (only 1 break per round allowed)

20 Chest Supported DB Row (only 1 break per round allowed)


Week 4/4 of Mini German Volume Training. We will build up to a moderate set of 10 and then do 5 sets of 10 reps (at the same weight) with a strict 1 min rest inbetween. Try to push for 5/10lb heavier than last week.

Banded Downdog Stretch + Banded Side Angle Triangle Pose Stretch
+ 20 Banded Tempo Lat Pull Downs (4-1-0-1)

1 Min each (6min total)
Single Leg RDL (R/L)
Side Plank Leg Lift (R/L)
Ski (1min just use straight arms, 2nd min Full Body Ski)

STRENGTH 5x10 w/ 1 min rest between
Banded Pull Up
* Superset *

12 min AMRAP
6 MB Burpee
12 MB Ham Curls
24 Russian Twists (6/6)

Emylee Covell