Saturday July 13th



All Body Build. Athleticism, Worth Ethic, Work Capacity


5 Min Row/ Ski

3 x ( 10 x Scap Pull Up/ 10 x Roll and Reach/ 5 x Ball Slam )


“Throw and Go’

10 Rounds

5 x D Ball GOS

10 x Pull Up

200m Sprint



Coaches Mobility

4 Walls of Cardio . 2 Mins on each station, progressive pace


Lucky 7’s

Todays workout as 4 x 7 Minutes Challenges. You will rest 2 Minutes between challenges . Challenges will be worked on with partners or small groups.

Challenge 1

7 Min AMRAP. 5 x Cal Ski / 10 x Push Up/ 15 x Air Squat . Waterfall Style. Push hard to complete as many circuits as possible. Do not Stop moving until the 7 mins are up!

Challenge 2

As a group/ partnership your challenge is to accumulatively sprint 1 Mile. in the remaining time your groups completes as many burps as possible . Can you be the group who gets the most burpees?

Challenge 3

7 Min Calories Challenge . Your goal into accumulated as many calories as possible in 7 Minutes. EMOM every player in your team must perform 5 x DB Thruster . Transitions need to be fast and organised . Rotate through players on the bike until the 7 minutes are up and you have maximum calories possible . You will get time to rest so you need to go hard on the bike!

Callenge 4


As a group you must accumulate 300 Russian KB Swings. Each player does 20 KB Swings and tags the next. You continue this format until you achieve 300 reps as a team. Please ensure proper form on the Russian Kettlebell Swing. On completion your team must Row Max Distance. Each player performs 20 Strokes before switching




2 Rounds

Clean Prep

A. Build to a Moderate Complex in 12 Mins:

Power Clean + Push Press + Push Press + Jerk

B. In teams of 5 with only one person per station starting in a waterfall, complete 4 rounds for time of:

250m Row

25 DB FS @ 35/25

250m Ski

25 KBS (Full) @ 53/35

20/15 Cal Bike

20 Box Jump





Emylee Covell