Friday August 9th



This week will be a “de-load” week before we start a new 3 Month Cycle. The de-load week will us a 5 x10/ 1 Min rest protocol (mini German Volume) for our primary lifts with some fun “muscle met cons” (TM Copyright Piete Vodden) for good measure. Wednesdays we will be doing some fun athletic circuit based sessions, Saturday will be an all body focus and Sunday is…. you know what Sunday is!!!


3 x (10 x Kneeling DB Strict Press + 5 x Batwing + 15 x Bent Over Lateral Raise)


5 x 10 Barbell Strict Press @50%+ 10 x Supinated BOR. 1 Min Rest. Perform a superset.

Strength Accessory


6 +6 Single Arm DB S20 60/40 (scale down as needed)

12 x DB GOS 100/80 (scale down as needed)

50ft Weighted Bearcrawl 35/25 (Scale down as needed)



3 Rounds

10 Front 2 Lateral Raise

10 Sprawls

10 DB Step ups

10 DB Strict Press


5x80m All out Sprints

1min rest or IGYG


Pharos Train Dirty 30

(30min Time cap)

30 of every movement

Push Press (25/40lbs)

Box Jumps Overs

HR Push Ups (big group start 1)

Double DB Snatch

DB Lunges

Weighted Situp

DB Thrusters


Plank Pulls (big group start 2)

Cal Ski


PURPOSE: This Friday, we are looking to move through power cleans quickly. Leg drive is the name of the game today for our Barbell Cycling element, and we’ll leverage those strong movement patterns into a conditioning element with a 1:1 work-to-rest ratio.

A. Activation
4 Rounds:
10 Calorie Bike
10 Reverse Lunges (5 Each Leg)
10 Air Squats

then, 3 rounds:
10 Scap Pull-up
5 Inchworm
3 Strict Toes to Bar

then, 2 rounds:
8 Push-ups
4 Strict Pull-ups
10 burpee

B. Barbell Cycling
Within a 10 minute window, establish:
10 Rep Max Power Clean

Buy-In: 35/25 Calorie Assault Bike
Max Rounds of "The Chief" (135/95)

Rest 5 Minutes

Buy-In: 25/18 Calorie Assault Bike
Max Rounds of "The Chief" (155/105)

Rest 5 Minutes

Buy-In: 15/10 Calorie Assault Bike
Max Rounds of "The Chief" (175/125)

*1 Round of "The Chief":*
3 Power Cleans
6 Push-ups
9 Air Squats


Final week of 5-3-2 w/ a 10s intraset pause. Technically, We are building up to a set of 10, but breaking it up into 3 mini sets with a 10s pause. Last week we built up to a moderately heavy set of 10 and for the next three weeks, the goal here is to get used to heavier weights and break through the plateau of what you think you're capable of.

Banded Pec/Tricep/Lat Stretch

3 Rounds
10 Overhead Wall Slides
10 Wall Facing Squats
50ft Waiter Walk (R/L)

STRENGTH 5-3-2 w/ a 10s intraset pause
5 Rounds
Box Squat
Push Press
*not superset*

12 Minute Cap
3 Rounds
10 Ball Slams
10 Box Jumps / Weighted Step Ups
Max L Sit Hold

Emylee Covell