MONDAY October 14



We are now entering an exciting new 3 Week Cycle. Using the numbers we acquired during our testing week we will have two strength days that will utilize the Fast Twitch Drop-set Method. Lifting on these days will be in the upper percentiles (85% and over) and will focus on our absolute strength with the ultimate goal, of course, of becoming stronger. Our Primary lifts will be supplemented with heavy accessory work and short anabolic sprints. There will be two metabolic lifting days that work on lower percentiles and focus on hypertrophy (the development of lean muscle tissue and we will follow a modified Y3T protocol).
Week 1 will focus on Type 2B Fast Twitch fibers and we will focus on the 6-12 Rep Range, Week 2 will focus on Type 2A Fast Twitch fibers where we will focus on 14 -18 Reps, and in Week 3, we will focus on slower twitch fibers with 20+ Reps. Eccentrics will be in the 2-3 second range throughout.
These variations and stimuli will “shock“ the muscles into further development and help us make farther strides toward improved physique and performance.


Lower Body Mobility

3 x ( 5 x Wall Squat / 12 x Banded DB RDL/ 10 x Cossack Squat)


Back Squat
3-4 Sets to Build to 4RM (80% 1 RM)


3 Drop Sets. 3 Drops Per Set
Perform 4 Reps

Drop weight by 10%
Perform AMRAP (1-3 Reps)

Drop Weight by 10%
Perform AMRAP (1-3 Reps)

Rest 3 Mins
Repeat for a total of 3 Drop Sets

Strength Accessory
Heavy Circuits/Anabolic Sprints
6 Rounds with a 15 Min Time Cap

6 x Front Squat OR Squat Clean (Advanced)
6 x Heavy Reverse DB Lunge

20 Sec “All Out” on Fan Bike



As we finish up the summer, we are going to ramp up the conditioning a bit more to work off all of our bad decisions from the past few months. During this time, don’t worry about being the fastest in class—just focus on moving for the entire duration of your set task.


4 Walls of cardio

After round 1 - 10 Samson lunges

After round 2 - 20 cow grazers

After round 3 - 10 spiderman

After round 4 - 10 moon the sky’s


4 Stations / AMRAP x 8 / Rest 2:30 Mins Between Stations

  1. 10 KB Squats + 10 KB Deads + 10 KB Step-ups + 150/100M RUN

  2. Max Effort Calorie SKI + KBS (Break this up however you’d like but the goal is to accumulate as many cals/reps of both in 8 mins)

  3. Max effort DB Thrusters - Every time you break perform 10/7 Calories on BIKE

  4. Max Distance ROW - Every 200M do :45 Jumping Lunges


Once again, this coming week is all about maximizing our performance on Open Workout 20.2. We want to keep our lungs at the ready and our higher-level skills sharp, while still feeling fresh and ready to roll on Saturday. Those of us who are gluttons for punishment will be re-testing 20.1 on Monday.

30 Seconds On // 10 Second Transition
Mountain Climbers
Active Spidermans
Romanian Deadlfits

Mountain Climbers
Active Spidermans
Strict Press & Reach

Mountain Climbers
Active Spidermans
Pausing Front Squats

*Athletes completing "Point Break" will use 2 light dumbbell for this warmup and hold both in their hands for all 3 movements. Athletes doing "20.1" will use a barbell.

1 Minute On // 10 Sec Transition

1. Barbell / Dumbbell Overhead Hold (30 Seconds Each Side For Dumbbell)
2. Side Plank (30 Seconds Each Side)

*Barbell athletes can hold overhead in snatch grip or jerk grip, whatever they are using in the workout.

12 Minutes of Dedicated Bar Muscle-up Practice:
Using barbells set up on racks (with bands around J-hooks, so they don’t move), practice kip/turnover drills or practice Bar MUs in sets of no more than 4 at a time.

”Point Break”
5 Strict Pull-ups
10 Single Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35)
15 AbMat Sit-ups


Week 3/4 of Tempo Work. 5-2-1-1 Working Time under tension and the ability to stabilize in the bottom position of a movement.

Banded Downdog + Side Angle Stretch

2 Rounds
10/10 Single Leg RDL
10 MB Ham Curls
10 MB Mountain Climbers (strech emphasis)
1 min Plank Hold

5x5 with 5-2-1-1 Tempo
Romanian Deadlift (2s pause hover above ground)
6 DB Over the Shoulder Btwn

12 Min AMRAP
10 Wall Balls
20 MB Russian Twists
30 MB Mountain Climbers




1min Rest

3x 400m

2min Rest


:20 Sprint

:20 Hurdle Hop

:20 Sprawls

:40 Rest

Emylee Covell