Tuesday Oct 15



We are now entering an exciting new 3 Week Cycle. Using the numbers we acquired during our testing week we will have two strength days that will utilise the Fats Twitch Drop set Method. Lifting not here days will be in the upper percentiles (85 and over) and will focus on our absolute strength with the ultimate goal of course of becoming stronger. Our Primary lifts will be accessorise with heavy accessory work and short anabolic sprints. Their will be two metabolic lifting days that work on lower percentiles and focus on hypertrophy (the development of lean muscle tissue and we will follow a modified Y3T protocol . Week 1 Will focus on Type 2B Fast Twitch fibres and we will focus on the 6-12 Rep Range , Week 2 will focus on Type 2A Fats Twitch fibres where we will focus on 14 -18 Reps and in Week 3 we will focus on slower twitch fibres with 20+ Reps. Eccentrics will be in the 2-3 s Range throughout . These variations and stimuli will “shock “ the muscles in to further development and help us make further strides toward improved physique and performance.


Upper Body Mobility

3 x ( 12 x DB Pull Over/ 8+8 Burt Reynolds/ 10 x Molly Ringwald)


Bench Press

3-4 Sets to Build to 4RM (80%)

Then: Fast Twitch Drop Sets

3 Sets, 3 Drops per Set

Set 1 : Perform 3 Reps

Reduce weight by 10%

Perform AMRAP (1-3 Reps)

Reduce weight by 10 %

Perform (1-3 Reps)

Repeat for a total of 3 sets.

3 Min rest between sets

Complete “ Ab Cluster” during rest

Ab Cluster = 20 x Sliding Crunch to heel / 20 x Crunch to elevated heel / 20 x crunch to elevated toes (Straight Leg)


Heavy Circuits

6 Rounds with a 15 min Time Cap

6 x Barbell Floor Press AHAP

6 x Incline DB Press 3311 Tempo

6 x Heavy DB Snatch



Finishing up the summer we are going to ramp up the conditioning a bit more to work off all our bad decisions from the past few months. During this time don’t worry about being the fastest in class just focus on moving for the entire duration of your set task.


Teams of 3-4

1200M SKI Rotate every 10 pulls

After each round perform 4 pushups - :3 descent on the way down


4 Rounds

10 DB Bench on Wall Ball + 20 Crunches on wall ball

Rest :90 Min

Alternate between you and a partner


AMRAP x 25

10 Devils Press

2 Min Cardio

15 Renegade Rows

2 Min Cardio

20 Curl 2 Press

2 Mins Cardio

**Athletes will all start together but will slowly start to separate - Cardio can be on any machine you’d like…







Week 3/4 of 5x5 with Tempo Work. 5-2-1-1 Working Time under tension and the ability to stabilize in the bottom position of a movement.

Banded Pec + Lat Stretch + Side Angle Stretch

2 Rounds
5/5 Wall Slide (Wall Sit Position - 1Arm Press OH)
10 Standing DB External Rotation
10 Bent Over Flys

5x5 with 5-2-1-1 Tempo
Strict Press (DB or BB)
*10cal Row Btwn

15 Min AMRAP
5cal Ski
10 Push Ups
15 Ball Slams


Emylee Covell