Based on our experience, the PAC believes the three anchors to an essential high performance lie within STRENGTH, CONDITIONING and MECHANICS. It’s how we’ve programmed our over 125 weekly classes.

Taught by top-tier coaches with the highest standards of excellence. It’s like getting personal training in an energetic group environment and our programs will undoubtedly motivate and inspire you to reach farther, push harder, and get in the best shape of your life.

Take a look below, see what the PAC has to offer and download our class schedule HERE.



Everything is a function of strength. Without a foundation of strength our bodies are incapable of action and only though action can we achieve results. Our classes in this category help build and develop strength on all levels including; muscle, tendons, ligaments, bones and mind. We program intelligently and progressively to help you make safe, tangible and evolving advancements. We’ll get you strong, we’ll get you the muscle you want and the mindset you need.



BUILD is our strength and hypertrophy program in a group setting that combines bodybuilding and powerlifting movements in order to increase size, strength and explosiveness. Move with purpose, think strong thoughts, and focus on the quality of every rep.

Build muscle. Build character. Build Fortitude.




LAUNCH is a full body strength class that focuses on primary lifts and short conditioning drills. Perfect for beginners at the start of their fitness journey, individuals returning to fitness after a break or those looking for full body workouts throughout the week.




COMPETE is built for those with competition in their blood. Nourish your excellence with this high level program designed to get you 1% better every single day. From Gymnastics to Olympic lifting to Aerobic Capacity, get expert coaching and compete with like-minded, driven athletes.




LIFT focuses primarily on instructing and improving technical execution of the Snatch, Clean & Jerk and related lifts. Designed to help improve build a strong foundation of technique, explosive power, efficiency and coordination with Olympic Lifts.



A combination of Interval Weight Training, HIIT, Sports Specific Conditioning, Circuit Training Interval Training, Endurance and Sprint drills, classes in this category cover the full spectrum and cardiovascular health and performance. Whether your goal is fat loss or high level fitness we have it covered. Expect to sweat, to breath and to get in the best shape of your life.



TRAIN is a low-risk, high reward class that uses interval weight training combined with 4 walls of cardio–Row, Ski, Bike, Run–for an unparalleled workout experience that will make you burn fat, build muscle and increase athleticism.




SPRINT combines tempo runs, sprints, agility drills, sled drills and sport specific drills. Speed, acceleration and multi-plane movements are all part of this high energy, fun workout that builds condition, burns fat and helps you move better, faster, and longer.




FIGHT is an all levels boxing class that will improve your technique, skills and power output.It starts with the feet. Power is generated from the ground up- the hands are the delivery.Position is everything.Win every round.  Energy is a limited resource, use it wisely.

Loose shoulders. Tight fists. Breathe through your fear.  Always smart, sometimes wild.




RIDE pushes you to dig deeper, ride farther and have the best cycling experience to date. Our state of the art bikes allow you to track distance, calories and power so you have all you need to push your limits and enjoy the ride in this dynamic, purpose-driven class.



Progress is always hampered by bad mechanics and loading bad movement patterns often leads to problems. Through our mechanics classes we both heal and prepare. We improve mobility, awareness and activation through carefully prepared sequences and repair current problems with soft tissue work. Our goal is to restore your body to its optimal state and give it the best chance for a long, injury free and successful journey through your fitness lifestyle.



REPAIR is a movement therapy program designed to correct imbalances, prevent injury and enhance performance. Created for athletes looking for the unfair advantage that mobility provides, REPAIR combines restorative stretching, soft-tissue release and physical therapy tools in order to stop injury before it starts.




FLY is an all level gymnastics class is an opportunity to relearn the body moving through space while building strength and skill. With a focus on detail in every movement (some being very unfamiliar) we become more in tune with our bodies resulting in a stronger, more agile, efficient athlete. Find strength through play. Build explosive power.

Step into the unfamiliar. Build physical and mental flexibility. Be like a child. It’s time to FLY.




IGNITE your powerhouse during this 50 minute mat pilates-inspired class designed to strengthen your core and target the most intrinsic muscles in your body so that you can lift stronger, squat heavier and breath deeper, knowing that your core’s got your back (literally). 




FLOW is an all levels yoga class perfect for those looking to maintain a consistent practice. Find balance through this vinyasa inspired class where you will build fire through flow and stretch yourself out until you surrender in savasana .  You will find yourself teetering between hard work and restoration.