PURPOSE: All Body Build


400m Run

3 x (20 xHollow Rock/ 10x Roll n Reach/ 10 x Mountain Climber)


10 Rounds

5 x Devil Press

10 x Dball Squat

200m Run




Team Ski. Each Skier performs 15 perfect strokes then switch. Teams of 3-4. When not rowing players must Bearcrawl the length of the floor and back in between efforts.

Coaches Mobility


Team Event.

4 Events. Each Event has an 9 Minute Time Cap


Event 1 :

Run 2 Miles ( 3.2 Km). Players rotate in sprint format until distance is covered.

Event 2:

100 Cal Ski. 10 Pull Format . E90secOM All Players do 15/10 x HR Push Up. If you finish in the time cap bonus calories  can be accumulated without the push ups.

Event 3:

80 Cal Bike. Sprint rotation.  E90sOM all players do 10 Goblet Squats below parallel. If finish in the time cap bonus cals can be accumulated on bike with no further Squats to be done

Event 4:

100 Cal Row. Sprint Rotation – Change every 15 Pulls. E90sec all team members must do 5 burpees. On Completion of calories all members are “rewarded” with bonus burpees – max effort in the time remaining



4 Rounds
40s on 20s off
– Wall Walk

– DB Glute Bridge

– Sled Pull

– Windmill (R/L)


3x 1min on each
– Ski
– Burpee Box Jump
– Bicep Curl to Press
– Banded Russian Twist
– Sled Push


Upper Flow
Lower Flow
2 Rounds
Snatch Prep

A. Build to a HVY Complex Double in 12 Mins:
Power Snatch + OHS

B. For Time:

50 SA DB Power Snatch (alt every rep)
100ft SA DB Overhead Walking Lunge
40 SA DB OHS (alt every 10 reps) (Sub 60 SA DB FS)
75ft SA DB Overhead Walking Lunge
30 SA DB Clean & Jerk (alt every rep)
50ft SA DB Overhead Walking Lunge
20 SA DB Squat Clean (alt every rep)
25ft SA DB Overhead Walking Lunge
10 SA DB Squat Snatch (alt every rep) (Sub 20 SA DB Squat Clean)