Final Week of our current cycle.  One upper body strength, one upper body volume , one lower body strength. one lower body volume. Two full body days and of course the church of arms on Sunday.

Upper Body Volume


2 Min Bench Backbend

3 x ( 10 x Molly Ringwald / 8+8 Burt Reynolds/ 10 x Plate G20)


All Movements 8 reps . 4010 Tempo. 4 Rounds Each Block

Block 1

Decline Barbell  Press

Supinated Barbell Row

Weighted Push Up (plate on Back )

Block 2

Incline DB 1 1/4 Press

One Arm DB Row (8 reps each Side)

Kneeling DB Press



During our challenge we want to focus primarily on building up a bigger engine which in turn will increase our work capacity and ramp up FAT LOSS!. During these next few weeks try to stay light and MOVE for as much of class as possible – Stay light, take minimum rest, keep moving!


3 Rounds

10 Push ups

8 Cuban Press

5 Batwing Holds

30 High Knees


4 Rounds

10/10 DB Floor Press (hold opposing arm extended in the air during press)
Immediately into Bear crawl from ski erg to rower back to ski erg

I go you go…


8 Rounds

:30 On :15 Off


DB Plank Row

KB Cluster (No Squat)


1 Min Rest Between rounds or with big group just cycle through accordingly


Shoulder Flow


2 Sets

1. Pull down + Snow Angel x 10

2. Wtd Hollow Flutters (w/ plate) x 30 sec

3. 31X1 Push Up x 10

A. Incline Bench Press; 6 Reps Every 90 seconds for 9 sets (Building)

B. 4 Sets Increasing Intensity

5 Heavy Bench w/ 1 Sec Pause On Chest

Rest 15 sec

10 Heavy Wallball

Rest 15 sec

100’ Farmer’s Carry

Rest 15 Sec

200m Ski


3rd Week of 5×5. Build in weight over the 5 sets to find a moderate/heavy 5. Try to build heavier than last week

Bench Backbend 2 min
While Partner Rows 2 min

2 Rounds
10 Glute Bridge (back on bench)
10 Single Leg Glute Bridge
10 Banded Face Pulls
10 Banded Lat Pull Downs

STRENGTH:5×5 Superset
1 1/4 Bench Press
Banded Deadlift (barbell or double DB/KB)

4x 350m Row Sprint (100m more than last week)
+ Max rep Wall Balls
*waterfall for bigger classes*
1 min rest