2nd Week of or Cycle and the Challenge . We have two days based in strength (low reps , high weights)  3 days based in building functions muscle ( lighter weights/ medium reps) and two all body days. Monday is Lower Body Strength, Tuesday is Upper Body Hypertrophy , Wednesday is all body, Thursday is Lower body Hypertrophy , Friday is Upper Body Strength , Saturday is all body , Sunday is Arms Race.


Lower Body Mobility

2 x 1 Min Weighted Plank

Banded Monster Walk Complex


All Movements are 4010 Tempo. 8 Reps Each Movement. 4 Sets. 1 Min Rest between sets. Minimal rest between exercises

Block 1

Back Squat

Barbell RDL

DB Bulgarian Split Squat  8+8 ( Bodyweight or with DB)


Block 2 

Barbell Good Morning

Single Leg KB Deadlift

Banded Russian Twist  (8+8)




During this phase we want you to get comfortable working at a higher heart rate. Rest will be shorter giving you the feeling that you are not ready to begin next station. Instead of fighting it, learn to be as efficient as possible leading up to your rest making for an optimal rest period.


Teams of 3-4

2500M ROW (Switch every 200/150M)

Then 10 happy stars + 20 Scoprions + 10 Inchworm to cobra

3 Rounds

20 DB Glute Bridge (Quick Reps)

8/8 Single leg Box Step ups

5 Partner GHD’s (While on your knees, have your partner hold your ankles from behind, and slowly lower yourself to chest)


(8 Min Time Cap)



Goblet Squats


Rest 2 mins



DB Step overs (Same weight as RDL, go heavy)

Box Jumps

Rest 2 Mins


DB Snatch (L + R = 1)

SA OH Lunge ( Rotate arms at the 1/2 way mark. Yes, thank you I know it’s not an even number. No one will die)

DB Plank Slides (In plank position bring one arm across your body and pull DB to the outside = 1)


Lower Flow
4 Sets
Ski 100m
10 KBS
10 Goblet Squat
A. Deadlift; 5 reps x 5 sets @ 80%; 90 sec rest (10-20lb heavier than last week)
B1. Pistol Squat; 6/6 reps x 3 sets; no rest
B2. Strict CTB Pull Up; 8 reps x 3 sets; 60 sec rest
C. 3 Rounds for Time

15 deadlifts, 225/185 165/125
35 overhead squats, 75/65 55/45
90 double-unders or singles


2nd Week of 5×5. Build in weight over the 5 sets to find a moderate/heavy 5. Try to build heavier than last week
Box Leg Stretches
– Hamstring + Rotation
– Groin
– Deep Lunge
– Elevated Pigeon

3 Rounds
4/4 DB Step Up
10 Bent over Flys
12cal Bike

STRENGTH: 5×5 Superset
Box Squat
Supinated Horizontal Rows (Ring or Low BB)

4 x 250m Ski Sprint
+ 50m Weighted Bear Crawl (forward + Back)
1 min rest
*waterfall for bigger classes*