All Body Build . Power / Athleticism / Power Endurance



3 Rds ( 10 x Double KB Swing/ 8+8 Single Arm DB Upright Row / 10 x Straight Arm Lat Pull Down )



5 Rounds . NFT

3 x Hang Power  Clean @ 85% + 5 x Max Height Box Jump


18 Min Amrap

6+ 6 Single Arm DB Clean and Jerk @55/40

12 x Pull Up

18 Burpees




During this phase we want you to get comfortable working at a higher heart rate. Rest will be shorter giving you the feeling that you are not ready to begin next station. Instead of fighting it, learn to be as efficient as possible leading up to your rest making for an optimal rest period.


1/2 Tabata / 4 Rounds per movement

Lateral Skater Jumps

Mountain Climbers

Super man

1/2 Jump squat (Only go down half way)

Then, Hold pigeon and quad stretch while coach is explaining workout


(40 Min Time Cap)

“Fat Burner”

Teams of 3-4 

300 Calorie BIKE

EMOM Everyone Performs

1: 10 Jumping Lunges

2: 8/5 Sprawl to tuck jump

3: 20/14 Bicycle situps (In crunch position with knees up bring opposite knee to opposite elbow)

Every member of the team performs same movement EMOM. Break calories up on bike however you’d like.



2nd Week of 5×5. Build in weight over the 5 sets to find a moderate/heavy 5. Try to build heavier than last week

3 min any cardio

Then… 3 Rounds 20s Each
Scapular Retractions on Rig
Banded Single Leg Lift with band around feet
Monster Walks (20 one direction/20 other)

STRENGTH: 5×5 Superset
Back Rack Reverse Lunge from Plate
Pull Ups (band/modified/lat pull down)

4x40s on 20s off
– DBall Over Shoulder
– DB Curl + Press
– DB Box Jumps (step ups)
– Leg Lifts