We are entering the second phase of our 3 Month Progression. Through this phase we will be using German Volume Training on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. We will continue to work on the integrity of our posterior chain on Thursday and further develop the glutes, hamstrings and lower back.


Lower Body Mobility

2 Min Deadbug

3 x ( 5 x Wall Squat/ 10 x Light D Ball Hug Squat + 10 x Light Dbal Hug Reverse Lunge)


Back Squat.

10×10. 1 MIN Rest

You may only be heating 9, 8 , 7 or even 6 on the last couple of sets. Thats OK! any less than 6 and you should reduce the weight. Note this should be very hard due to the relatively short rest period.


12 x DB Step Up on to 20″ Box

12 x Wall Ball

12 Cal Bike


15 Minute TC



This cycle we will focus on improving overall strength endurance. Challenge yourself for the following weeks to get comfortable with slightly heavier weights. The goal is to be able to move at your same pace or faster while always increasing weight.


Line Drills

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Quick Sprints Down and Back

Lateral shuffles down and back

Samson Lunges

Leg Kicks


Explain Running Piece while everyone holds a seated hamstring stretch (Legs spread to a 90′)


6 Rounds

10 DB Jumping Lunges (1/2 Squat)

100/80M Sprint

Ideally Rest 1 Minute (with bigger class just create lines and have them cycle through)


EOMOM x 30 (5 Rounds per station)

1: 10/6 Burpee Box Jumps W/ remainder of the time in the minute, MAX EFFORT Jump Squats

2: 20 V-Ups (Hands on the Ground) W/ remainder of the time in the minute, MAX EFFORT SKI

3: 10/6 DB Hang Clusters W/ remainder of the time in the minute, MAX EFFORT front rack hold at the bottom of squat


Lower Flow + Upper Flow
2 Rounds
10 Bar Only Front Squat
5/5 Bar Only Stagger Stance Front Squat
10 Bar Only Narrow Stance Front Squat

Clean Prep Work

A. Clean DL + Clean; 3×5; rest 2m (mod to tough)
B. Front Squat; 10×5; rest 2 min (Build to Tough set of 10)

C. 3 min max reps bar facing burpees
EMOM 12 min
1- 30 seconds burpee box jump overs 24/20”
2- 30 seconds burpees to 6” reach
3- 30 seconds lateral burpees over barbell
4- 30 second plank hold with feet on stability ball


40s On 20s Transition 3 Rounds
– Split Lunge (20/20)
– Plank Reaches
– Lateral Jumps (Skiers or Double Jumps)

30s rest between – Same weight across (+ 2/3 Warm Up sets to establish weight)
– FR Reverse Lunge (or back Rack Rack)
– Bent Over Row
* Try to go 5-10lb heavier than last week

EMOM 12 Minutes
– 40s Max effort Jump Rope / Bike
– 16/14/12 Standing Barbell Russian Twist
– 10/8/6 Dumbbell Thruster